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Great Case, no Wireless Charging
4 years ago

The case is great it does everything i want it to even mounting in the car. I like wireless charging and can’t do it with this case. I still like the case though, so 4 stars.


4 years ago

It’s a long story but my phone ended up flying out of my hand, was hit by a roller coaster wheel, and fell another 15 feet onto concrete. My phone has ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE!!! NOT EVEN A SCRATCH ON THE SCREEN!!! So overall I would say that this is an amazing case.


My Scooch Case is broken! Can’t find replacement! Not Happy!
4 years ago

I’ve sent several emails to Scooch and no response! Search online to purchase another one even though when i purchased for the first time, the store said it was under warranty to contact Scooch. Well, I did and still no help! What happen to Customer Service? No Chat or Telephone Contact! Not a good way to do business!


way more fun
4 years ago

this case is fun to use. i use the poppy thing all day.


Great Case!
4 years ago

I love this case. Getting this case has been the only time I’ve enjoyed buying a case since my first otterbox 10 years ago.