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ASI #85822



Congratulations! You now own a Wingback!

Here is what is included in the package:

  • Scooch Wingback

You are now ready for the installation


Now that you have pulled everything out, let’s look at how to use it!


  1. Find a spot on your phone case that you’d like to attach the Wingback
    1. We recommend aligning the Wingback as close the bottom of the case as possible.
  2. Wipe your phone case clean using a damp cloth
  3. Dry your phone case to ensure all moisture has been removed.
  4. Remove the sticker backing from the Wingback
  5. Press the Wingback onto your case and hold it for ten to fifteen (10 to 15) seconds.
  6. Push down on the kickstand and enjoy!


It’s never been simpler to kick, grip, and mount your phone in your car!

Simply press the kickstand to kick it and you’re ready!


Need to remove your Scooch Wingback?
The Wingback is designed to stay on in the most rigorous of uses. DO NOT PULL IT OFF as this could cause damage to your case. Instead, follow these steps.


  1. Work a dull, but thin, item between your phone case and the Wingback from one side to the other and all the way down the length of the Wingback.
    • We recommend either an old credit card that’s not in use anymore, dental floss, or thin fishing line. Dip either the floss or line option into isopropyl alcohol to help with removal.
  2. Clean any remaining adhesive from the back of your phone case.


  • Will my case work with the Wingback?
    • The Scooch Wingback is designed to be universally compatible.
  • Will I be able to wirelessly charge my phone if I use the Wingback?
    • The Wingback’s insane functionality is only possible through the embedded metal spring. That metal spring interferes with Qi Wireless charging.
  • Can I attach the Wingback directly to my phone?
    • We don’t recommend attaching the Wingback directly to your phone. Phones today are made with a glass backing that could be damages if too much force is applied when removing the Wingback. Instead, we recommend attaching the Wingback to your phone case.
  • Will the Wingback work with the Scooch Wingmount?
    • Yes, it will!
  • What comes in the box?
  • How do I install the Wingback?
  • How do I take the Wingback off?