Wingmate Info

Now that you have your brand new Wingmate, we’re sure you have some questions! Below are the top 4 questions answered for you!


Congratulations! You have your new Wingmate!

Let’s take a look at what’s included in the box:

  • Scooch Wingmate

You’re now ready for the INSTALLATION


Now that you have pulled everything out of the package, let’s look at how to use it!


  1. Take your case and hold open the concealed storage wing.
  2. Insert your phone into the case by sliding it into the case.
  3. Close the concealed storage wing.
  4. Enjoy the functionality of your new Wingmate!


It’s never been simpler to mount your phone in your car!

Simply align the Scooch logo on the back of your Wingmate phone case,to the Wingmount, and presto! You now have hands free driving with zero need to use two hands to pinch a mount together.


Need to take your Wingmate off for cleaning?


  1. Open the concealed storage wing.
  2. Slide your phone down & out of the Scooch Wingmate case
  3. Done!


  • What comes in the box?
    • See the video above!
  • How do I install the Wingmount in my car?
    • See the video above!
  • How do I take the Wingmount off?
    • See the video above!