Congratulations! You now own a Wingmount!

Here is what is included in the box:

  • Scooch Wingmount
  • Scooch Quool Charge
  • Scooch Medallion
  • Wet & Dry Wipes
  • Extra 3M Adhesive

You are now ready for the installation


Now that you have pulled everything out, let’s look at how to use it!


  1. Find a spot on your Dashboard that is in a good position for viewing your device
    1. The best location to affix the Wingmount are Hard Plastics
  2. Use the included wet wipe to wipe down the area for 1 minute
  3. Use the included dry wipe to wipe down the area for 1 minute
  4. Press the mount, firmly, onto the newly cleaned spot on your dashboard, and hold it for 1 minute
  5. Place your device onto the newly affixed Wingmount and enjoy!

Using Wireless Charging? Quool Charge Placement

If you’re going to be using a wireless charger, then you’ll need the Scooch Quool Charge badge!

  • Start by finding the center of the back of your phone case. Then move either:
      1. Up 3/4″ from the center
      2. -OR- Down 3/4″ from the center

TIP: Use the included instruction sheet to help measure the correct distance. (You can also download one here)

  • Peel the sticker backing off of the Quool Charge badge
  • Adhere the Quool Charge badge to your case!


It’s never been simpler to mount your phone in your car!

Simply align the metal Scooch badge on the back of your Wingman phone case, the Scooch Quool Charge, or the Scooch Medallion to the Wingmount, and presto!

Using Wireless Charging?
Watch This!

When using a Wireless Charger, you might find yourself placing your QUOOL CHARGE on the charger. But if your Quool Charge is not in the middle of your phone, and you’re aligning the Quool Charge to your charger, you might have trouble charging.

Watch this video to see how you should set your phone on your charger!


Need to reposition your Scooch Wingmount?


  1. Gently remove the Wingmount from your dashboard.
    • We recommend either an old credit card that’s not in use anymore, dental floss, or thin fishing line. Dip either the floss or line option into isopropyl alcohol and use it to remove the affixed Wingmount.
  2. Remove the remaining adhesive from the bottom of the Wingmount
  3. Take the included extra adhesive from your Wingmount package and put it on the base of the Wingmount
  4. Find a new spot to place your Wingmount
  5. Follow the same steps from the installation steps above!


  • Will my case work with the Wingmount?
    • The Scooch Wingmount is universally compatible.
  • Should I use the Scooch Medallion™ or the Quool Charge™?
    • If you only want to mount your mobile phone in your vehicle, use the Scooch Medallion. If you want to mount your mobile phone and will be using wireless charging, use the Quool Charge.
  • Where should I put the Scooch Medallion or Quool Charge?
    • The best placement of the Scooch Medallion or Quool Charge is on the outside of your phone case, 3/4 and inch up or down from the middle. See the video above for a demonstration!
      • If your case is 1mm thin or thinner, you can also apply the Scooch Medallion to the inside of the phone case.
  • If I have a Scooch case, do I need the Scooch Medallion or Quool Charge?
    • No, all Scooch cases already have a metal Scooch badge installed that works with magnetic mounting!
  • Will the Wingmount work with ALL Scooch cases?
    • Yes, it will!
  • Are the magnets in the Wingmount safe for my phone?
    • Yes!
  • Are the magnets in the Wingmount safe for my credit cards and gift cards?
    • Yes!
  • What comes in the box?
  • How do I install the Wingmount in my car?
  • How do I take the Wingmount off?