Wingmount Info

Now that you have your brand new Wingmount, we’re sure you have some questions! Below are the top 4 questions answered for you!


Congratulations! You have your new Wingmount!

Let’s take a look at what’s included in the box:

  • Scooch Wingmount
  • Scooch Quool Charge
  • Scooch Medallion
  • Wet & Dry Wipes
  • Extra 3M Adhesive

You’re now ready for the INSTALLATION


Now that you have pulled everything out, let’s look at how to use it!


  1. Find a spot on your Dashboard that is in a good position for viewing your device
    1. Best mounting spots are:
      1. Hard Plastics
      2. Glass
      3. Low-silicone Dashboards
  2. Use the included WET WIPE to wipe down an area approximately the size of a quarter
  3. Use the included DRY WIPE to remove the excess moisture
  4. Place your thumb on the top of the mount where it says “Scooch” and place the mount onto the newly cleaned spot on your dashboard
    • Hold the mount in this position for 10-15 seconds
  5. Align your phone to the mount and let the magnetic force grip it.
  6. Continue to enjoy your new, simple to use, mounting system!


It’s never been simpler to mount your phone in your car!

Simply align the metal Scooch badge on the back of your Wingman phone case, the Scooch Quool Charge, or the Scooch Medallion to the Wingmount, and presto!


Need to reposition your Scooch Wingmount?


  1. Gently remove the Wingmount from your dashboard. We recommend dental floss or thin fishing line. Dip both 
  2. Remove the remaining adhesive from the bottom of your Wingmount
  3. Take the included extra adhesive from your Wingmount package and put it on the base of the Wingmount
  4. Find a new spot to place your Wingmount
  5. Follow the same steps from the installation steps above!


  • Will my case work with the Wingmount?
    • Cases 1mm thick or less will work with the Wingmount. Yours will likely work.
  • Should I use the Scooch Medallion™ or the Quool Charge™?
    • If you only want to mount your phone, use the Scooch Medallion. If you want to mount your phone and use wireless charging, use the Quool Charge.
  • Where should I put the Scooch Medallion or Quool Charge?
    • The Scooch Medallion or Quool Charge can be applied in 3 places: the outside of the case, inside of the case, or directly onto the phone. See the video above for a demonstration!
  • If I have a Scooch case, do I need the Scooch Medallion or Quool Charge?
    • No, all Scooch cases already have a metal Scooch badge installed!
  • Will the Wingmount work with ALL Scooch cases?
    • Yes, it will!
  • Is the Wingmount safe for my phone?
    • Yes!
  • Is the Wingmount safe for my credit cards and gift cards?
    • Yes!
  • What comes in the box?
    • See the video above!
  • How do I install the Wingmount in my car?
    • See the video above!
  • How do I take the Wingmount off?
    • See the video above!